I work at a grocery store and meet very many people daily. one look at my name tag and am either asked how I say my last name or where I am from originally. I used to take offense but later realized, that it was silly to expect people to be angels or just guess. Truth be told am much happier now explaining my origin to people who had a movie idea of Africa and boy are they wrong.I always have a good laugh.

Questions I have been asked include whether Africa is a country and to be honest I always refer that kind of people to their geography teachers or maps, not to be rude but please stop being so ignorant. The next annoying question is whether I speak African, is that even a language, but wait, if someone thought Africa is a country, they would not be wrong to think African is a language, would they?

That being said let me introduce myself, am a proud Kenyan living in the United States. My country is not a dictatorship, therefore, I did not come to the US to seek refuge and am free to go home anytime I choose.Yes, am here legally.I always miss home because I more than love my country. being a third world country is not so bad, at least you get to have a social life. that is the one thing I took for granted until I came here. I hate how I get judged because of my color skin or the texture of my hair or my accent. I think everyone has an accent you just do not listen to your self to hear it.

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Kenya is not a jungle, we just happen to be home to the big five. we have a government, cities and a constitution. that being said we are neither Republicans nor are we Democrats, we have our own political parties. They may not have fancy names or be
known worldwide and heck their names change every election year but I just realized how much I love them.

That being said I have met my own share of angels, not judging and actually, genuinely eager to get to learn about not just Kenya but Africa as a whole. Darlings, these blog is just for you. i will do my very best to include tips for those who wish to physically visit Kenya, and for those who will travel my beautiful motherland through my eyes, I promise not to disappoint. Lots of love.

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