Every time I mention am from Kenya, people start thinking of tourism, from the big five, the coast which boasts a variety of marine life, mountains, lakes, untouched beauty to the eyes. The biggest question is always how much will it cost me to go down to Kenya and have a guilt-free vacation? The answer to this is pretty much complicated, I have to break down to all the aspects included, that is; the transport costs, hotel and accommodation, free or cheap tourism destinations that will blow your mind and where to find amazing gifts to bring your family and friends.will-shirley-405742

Today I will touch just a little on the tourist destinations. they are many thus may require more than one blog. I will start with the capital city, Nairobi, which houses a vast number of parks including the Nairobi national park, the Karen Blixen Museum, the giraffe centre, the Ngong hills, Bomas of Kenya, the Nairobi national Museu and the national archives just to mention a few.
1.THE NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK:bhargava-srivari-364335 (1)

If watching wildlife in their natural habitat is your reason for flying to Kenya, then the Nairobi national park is just the place for you.Housing many species of animals and birds, you will have a blast. you are almost sure of seeing a lion, buffalo, gazelle, cheetah monkey, warthog and much more if you are lucky.The park is also a sanctuary for endangered species of rhinos.Nairobi national park is what many will call the African bush located in the centre of the capital city.
Let us talk about the most important thing, is it affordable? According to the Kenya Wildlife Centre’s website, the park entry fees are as follows:
KENYAN CITIZENS: children-Ksh.215, adults-Ksh.430
RESIDENTS: children- Ksh.515, adults-Ksh.1030
NON RESIDENTS: children-USD.22, adults-USD.43
To me, this is pretty much affordable. You end up having way too much fun and adventure for the price.
2.BOMAS OF KENYA:kenyadancebomas5

If the motivation to visit Kenya lies in learning different cultures, then you should visit the Bomas of Kenya. Different ethnic tribes showcase not just their dances and music but their traditional living ways. The traditional houses (bomas), will give you a first-hand experience of the Kenyan diversity. The entry fee according to the Bomas of Kenya website is as follows:
KENYAN CITIZENS: Adults; Ksh.200, Children; Ksh.50 Students; Ksh.100
RESIDENTS/E. AFRICA COMMUNITY: Adults; Ksh.300 Children; Ksh.200 Students; Ksh.200
NON-RESIDENTS: Adults; USD.10 Children; USD.5 Students; USD.5
Tell me if this is just not affordable for any budget you are on. Trust me you will get 100% value for your money.

This is a hub for diverse cultural, national and natural history exhibits.You will be sure to explore over 500 stuffed birds, and animals, rocks, traditional tribal displays and local art from Kenyan and African artists. Fossils and prehistoric bones from Lake Turkana will also be there to calm your archaeology taste buds.You can also purchase tickets to the adjacent snake park, to see live snakes and reptiles.Prices are as follows:
NON-RESIDENT: Adults; USD.1500 Children under 16; USD. 10
I trust this is pretty affordable for the experience.

Let’s go hiking darling. located in the rift valley, the hills are 8070 feet above sea level. you get a chance to have a one on one relationship walking the green terrain for a small fee of KSH.600 orKSH.1000 if you want a guide with you.This is an experience of a lifetime. Don’t just trust me, go see it for yourself.
5.THE GIRAFFE CENTRE:cara-fuller-289890.jpg

On the edge of the Nairobi National Park, you find this giraffe haven. you get to meet the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe and learn more about environmental conservation. more to this you get to feed the beauties. All this for a small fee of Ksh. 1000 for a non-resident adult and Ksh. 500 for a child/ student.

Free parks include Uhuru Park and the Arboretum, just to name a few where you can just lie under the warm tropical sun and relax and unwind.

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