Thinking of the Kenyan coast, a vivid image of white sand, blue water, and coral reefs haunt my mind. what people do not know is that there are different sections of the beach that determine the level of pollution it has in the water.

  1. NYALI BEACH is beautiful, white sands to walk on, closeness to the ocean gives you an assurance of a nice cool breeze. However, the water is relatively polluted and it’s not advisable to swim. Its a good beach to just walk or jog on. Restaurants are close.
  2. BAMBURI BEACH is better than Nyali beach for its palm trees that you can use as shades while sipping a cold beer or a glass of wine, watching people playing on the beautiful white sand. The water is also relatively cleaner and there are restaurants in close proximity. however, due to its closeness to the town, the beach is always heavily populated, especially during the holidays. If privacy is what you are looking for then this is not the beach for you. It is home to the Mombasa Marine Park. The beach is also the best place to buy artifacts and souvenirs.anders-wideskott-57598(1)
  3. SHANZU BEACH is the best beach in North coast due to its clean water, white sand, and palm trees. It is also less crowded than the Bamburi beach.However, during the high tide, the beach is completely flooded and it is wise to stay away. Swimming, windsurfing, deep sea fishing and snorkeling are just but a few sports around the Shanzu beach.
  4. THE ENGLISH POINT BEACH is located close the Fort Jesus. The beach offers a good view of the old town. It is a good beach to visit, not as much for swimming and sports but for the beautiful view it offers. It is a good spot for photographers.mink-mingle-233730
  5. THE TIWI BEACH is located on the south coast of Mombasa. Just like Shanzu beach, it is a good place for swimming and other sports. it is also unsafe to swim during the high tide as it gets flooded. the advantage of going to this beach lies in the fact that it is less populated compared to Shanzu beach thus less pollution of the water. however, avoid the sea urchins. It is the beach for unwinding and just relaxing.
  6. DIANI BEACH is by far the best Beach in Mombasa. the long sandy beach has lots of water sports to participate in. The beach is home to the Colombus Trust, dedicated to primate rescue, research and conservation and thus a good place to go sightseeing. It was named the leading beach destination in Africa by the World Travel Award in 2014. It is best for a relaxing walk on the sand afternoon.

The beaches are free and not a hundred percent private. For more privacy, my advice would be to book a hotel with with a private access to the beach. However this will be more expensive.At the long run the choice is between which is more important, privacy or cost of the vacation.


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