I think I told you on my previous blog that I am planning to go home next year, I have been going on crazy planning, saving, looking for good places to go for the vacation and that’s when it crossed my mind, it is amazing to plan for a tour in Kenya when you are Kenyan. It will make it easier to enjoy and actually be cheap in the long run.

So you have decided, 2018 is the year you are going to Kenya, you have started saving up for the plane fare(this is pretty much the most important part),  and researched all the amazing places in Kenya but to get the most fun for your money the following tips to tour Kenya like a Kenyan are just for you.Maasai+Warrior+Training+in+Kenya

MONEY: What is more important in your vacation than spending the least amount of money as you can while maximizing the fun and memories? For this reason, I suggest you first learn the money exchange rates. This will let you know how long your valuable savings will last you. Let’s take my example, I live in the US and the exchange rate right now is 1 USD= KSH.100.1, so if I have 1000 USD, I will be looking at around Ksh.100,010. Knowing how much you have and what it translates to will make it easier for you to plan your vacation.

In addition to the exchange rates, you need to learn the Kenyan currency. Most Places will either charge you in Kenyan Shillings or if you are lucky USD. Learning the currency will save you from being overcharged or not getting your full change back. I personally think the Kenyan currency is one of the easiest currencies in the world to learn, we have only five note bills the largest bill is Ksh.1000 smallest being Ksh.50. Coins are just as easy too.

LANGUAGE: The moment I land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport I can assure you I will automatically switch languages and start using more of Swahili than English and so should you.Learn basic words and phrases that obviously do not involve talking ill about someone’s mom. Say hi, thank you, ask for directions, request for food or water, how much, bye; these are just examples of words and phrases you should learn in Swahili.You do not need to be fluent, but trust me trying to have a conversation with a Kenyan with your English-Swahili dictionary that you invested so much on will be frustrating. Most Kenyans me being one, are impatient. Most understand English, but you speaking in Swahili will make you get treated like family. It could even open better deals for you.

TRANSPORTATION: You are on a strict budget and do not want to spend thousands of shillings on private tour vehicles, use the Kenyan public transport. Buses and matatus( public minivan) are your go-to means of transport from one location to another.They are way cheap and you get to experience the Kenyan way of living, feel like a Kenyan, not just a tourist. Personally, I think this will be a more lasting memory than just seeing a bunch of animals. Currently, using the train from Nairobi to Mombasa is the best option. I am planning on trying it out when I go home. I will make sure to tell you all about my experience.

These three are my biggest tips for anyone who wants to go to Kenya for a vacation. if you have more for me, please feel free to comment below. Subscribe to get alerted every time I post the most amazing things you want to know about Kenya.

Lots of love my internet family. Happy touring Kenya. Merry Christmas and a happy 2018.


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