Valentines day is quickly approaching and for those of us who are true romantics at heart, those who have read all romantic books ever written or us who are just trying to please our darling significant others, Kenya is more than ready to host you. I have been reprimanded that am not taking care of my dear domestic tourists in Kenya and East Africa at large and for that am sorry. This blog is my way to share my love for my country with you my darling angel whichever part of the world you are in. Lets start with the count down;


A couple I love, who will definitely kill me after reading this, cultivated their love here. Sorrounded by evergreen trees and very mischevious monkeys, you will tempted to bend on one kneel (or dream of it), this valentines. Its serenity and beauty is beyond words. Its suitable for lovers, grill out with friends and family, and those double dates we have planned. You know what is the best part? The park is totally free to visit. The annoying monkeys that will snatch your hats and bananas are free too. To be honest, they are the only things you will have to be worried of, they can totally ruin your picnic. You can run after then, have a laugh and loose some weight too if you choose to.The parks proximity to the capital city is also a plus.

Things to do include; picnicking, bird and monkey watching, and alot of kissing ( thanks to the trees creating privacy.


This is by far the most beautiful island in Kenya. Located in Lamu, Manda island will blow your mind with breathtaking architecture and white sandy beaches. Imagine walking barefoot on the white, warm sand of this unspoiled island. Now imagine the person your heart beats for on your arm, amazing right?


Lets talk safari,adventure, camping, and what everyone wants to hear, the big five.Maasai mara is for you adventurer thinking of proposing infont of a lion, or elephant. Just be careful though, to a hungry lion or leopard, you are dinner on two legs. Have fun but be safe too.

Stunning views will take your breath, not accounting for the four hundred and fifty different species of birds waiting to be identified.


Imagine proposing or being proposed to under water, surrounded by beautiful and colourful fish. Yes, thats what you get when you choose Watamu Marine National Park this valentines day. Snowkelling, diving and just taking in the beauty is all you need for a romantic getaway this year.


You want to impress, then why not put the the whole city on her or his feet? Yea, I mean that literally. From the 30 storey and 105 meter high K.I.C.C building, you can view the whole Nairobi central business district, the green parks and even planes landing from the JKIA and Wilson airports. Bring a bottle of wine and watch the sun rise or set from the horizon, it will be the romance you have been looking for.

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