We all know that we girls overpack when its time to travel. We try to cramp our whole wardrobe in a suitcase, which ends up being heavy and impossible for us to carry. This summer,am planning to travel light for my vacations and so should you. Less bag stress, more fun.

Here are some secrets on how to pack those bags:

1. Roll don’t Fold

Rolling your clothes into the suitcase tends to save up space. My trick is to start with the heavy items first. let’s say the jeans and sweaters, followed by lighter ones like your tops. It also tend to look neat and more organized.

2.Wear your heavy items

You want to go with this beautiful pair of boots that you dearly love but you are sure the shoes will take half your suitcase space, wear them instead. Pack your flip flops and lighter shoes instead. This will save you alot of space. Same goes for clothes, if possible wear that heavy trench coat.

3. Mix and Match

Simple, do not pack for everyday. Grab those pair of jeans you love and pair them with a couple of tops. You pack less and look fashionable your entire vacation.I guess they say, less is more.

4.Always carry a “personal bag”

For the flights that allow a carry on bag and a personal bag, always maximize on the offer. Just make sure you check the size and weight limits, if any. Duffel bags, and back packs will always come in handy to pack your electronics and technology items, makeup, and some light clothes. If you end up having to check in your carry on bag, atleast you have some back up.

5.Write a packing list

List down what you packed. It will save you so much time the next time you have to travel. You will be sure you did not forget anything, for example, how many times do we forget a toothbrush or hair clips. A list will save you the headache.


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