KENYAN DISHES: Food after my own taste buds.

Don’t mean to brag, but I have the best and most loving cook in the world as my mom. Today she asked me what I want her to cook for me when I go home and I did not even have to think. I know what I miss, and trust me so do many Kenyans living abroad. You want that taste of Kenyan delicacy, you should try at least two of the following foods and drinks if not all.

  1. Ugali – Basically loved by almost every Kenyan in every region. It’s a carbohydrate but healthy meal especially if prepared using whole grain maize (corn) flour. You can pair it with a range of protein and vitamins my favorite being spinach and chicken or beef stew.Screenshot_20180303-134020
  2. Chapati- I call them my Kenyan tortillas.  Trust me I can prepare this delicacy with my eyes closed but mine never taste as good as my mom’s. I guess she has her own secret ingredient that she has not shared with me. Imagining her in the kitchen cooking them for me just makes my mouth water. This carbohydrate meal can be paired well with just any protein and vitamin, my favorite being chicken and/or green bean stew. I think by now you can already see I have a sweet spot for chicken. For a more healthier meal use whole grain wheat flour.Screenshot_20180303-134226
  3. Nyama Choma– This is basically grilled beef or lamb. For some reason I long for  the home made dish. Home meaning Kenya. Nyama choma with a side of ugali and kales or spinach is a must try especially when you have your drinks on. It helps fight a crazy hang over.Screenshot_20180303-134455
  4. Avocado–  Simple fatty fruit that holds a special place in my favorite food list. After a couple of years buying a tiny avocado from Mexico for around US$2 (Ksh.200) am ready to eat as many avocados as I basically can when I get home. Any meal without a side of avocado is just not a meal my taste buds are longing for.Screenshot_20180303-135455.jpg
  5. Mukimo- This already sounds like a song for my mom, praising her of her cooking skills, but to be honest I think she makes the meanest mukimo in the world. Already a balanced diet by itself, you can either enjoy it by itself or with some beef stew on the side. Just thinking makes my mouth water, just can not wait to get to mom’s dining room where magic happensScreenshot_20180303-135235
  6. Tusker- I had to add this Kenyan beer made in Kenya, by Kenyans on the list. To enjoy  real Kenyan night, or day (its always 5pm somewhere in the world), make sure you grab a tusker. Always better when served cold and for some reason that I have never understood from the bottle. I think a glass dilutes the awesome taste.


Please comment below and tell me your favorite meals, Kenyan or not. If from a different country, please add a recipe.  I love good food, simmered in culture. Recipes for all the food I mentioned above are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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