KENYAN VISA: Application and Requirements


Travelling to Kenya for tourism purposes is relatively easy. All you basically need is a legally issued passport from your country of origin and a Kenyan visa for entry. You can apply for a Kenyan visa either online, physically when you land or in any Kenyan embassies or high commissions. If you plan to tour the whole of East Africa, it is advisable to apply for an East African visa.

To apply online, you can use the e-visa portal website; you will need a passport size photo and a copy of your passport to complete the online application. The system is able to resize your photo if you choose to take it with a mobile phone, however you can scan it directly to the website. The application fee of US$10 is non-refundable, whether the visa is approved or not and only payable in US dollars.


If you are using a tourism agency for your tour, make sure they fill your details accurately as per your passport. An error can cause you to be denied entry and/or deported. On arrival, all Kenyan visitors have their fingerprints taken at the immigration desk to authenticate that the person who applied for the visa is the same person at the port of entry.

costs of visas

  1. Transit visa- US$20.
  2. Single journey-US$50
  3. Multiple journeys-US$100
  4. East African tourist visa (EATV)- US$100

Transit visas are issued on arrival at the point of entry, while the multiple visas are ONLY issued from the Kenyan headquarter. The East African Tourist visa is only valid for travel in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, and is only valid for 90 days. Employment is prohibited.

For more information, rules and regulations, click here

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