You know the beautiful thing about owning this site is that I make the rules. Today I just feel like talking about my adopted home, Fort Worth. The only thing that I basically hate is the weather, especially the hot and humid summers. However, there are basically so many places to just have fun, cheap or free. You know me am frugal and I love it. let us start the countdown.

5.FORT WORTH STOCKYARDS NATIONAL DISTRICT; This was the first place I got to visit when I arrived in Fort Worth, thanks to my darling sister. Enjoy a view of handsome cowboys on horseback, decked western saloon, and the beautiful Fort Worth’s long cow tradition. This is the place where the phrase “Texas, where the west begins” really makes sense. Shop cowgirl boots, hats and all other gifts while you at it.

4. FORT WORTH BOTANIC GARDENS; Am in love with this place because I just can sit under a shade with my laptop and write this blog and at the same time enjoy the beautiful, green scenery. This 110 acre garden is host to over 2000 exotic and native plant. If nothing else, just believe its my favorite to go place for a simple picnic or walk, by myself or with friends.

3. THE KIMBELL ART MUSEUM; Story time, so one Sunday my sister and I decide to go view some art. Let me just say, we walked around awed by the beautiful pieces, some we understood, some we basically laughed about and others we just looked at and argued about because we both had a different translation for the pieces. I think that is what art is all about and that is why this museum is a must visit for you when you tour Fort Worth.

2. THE BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PAINTING; I love money, and if walking under billions of U.S dollars is the only way I will feel like a billionaire, am up for the challenge. Witness the spectacular view of money being printed, smell the fragrance, taste the sweet torture of riches and then go hustle for the money when you live the site. It is basically a good place to go and get your priorities in order.

2. THE JFK TRIBUTE; Am a self proclaimed anti-historian, but an 8 foot bronze statue of President JF Kennedy, made me stop and just learn. The statue marks the place and occasion, when President Kennedy visited Fort Worth. Engraved is a quote “There are no faint hearts in Fort Worth”.

There are basically more free places to visit, but let us stop with my top 5 favorites so far. Share your favorite places in the comment section.

For places to visit in Kenya, my birth home, here


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