You have saved money left, right and center so that you can leave all your worries behind and go to an unclassified corner for a very calming vacation. You want to enjoy the time you have off but still want to make sure you get value for your money. The tips below will help you save both while planning and when you are on the vacation.

  1. Use groupon, honey or any other site you have before booking to check if there is a cheaper deal for the place you want to visit, and on the actual days you will be going. Do not settle for one deal, check out around the internet until you conclude what you have is the cheapest deal. Some times you have to combine two or more deals to get your cheap but unforgettable vacation.
  2. Get the all inclusive packages that is, if you get an offer that caters for flight, hotel, car rental, and entry fees to parks and recreational places you wish to visit, take it without a second thought. Not only will it lessen your stress, it will also make sure you are not surprised when you go to get a car rental and they are charging more than your whole vacation just because it’s Christmas or any other unforeseen reason.samuel-543091-unsplash
  3. Book your flight early, especially if it is a long distance flight. Most airways will let you book a flight 300 days early. Another secret while you are at it is to use an app (for example I used hopper while I was planning my trip to Kenya), they will not only tell you the cheapest days to book, but also calculate for you if the prices will increase or reduce in future, if you should book now or wait till the prices are at their lowest. However, do not forget this apps get a commission when you pay through them, so when you arrive at the price you want book the flight directly from the airline website. It will be cheaper.
  4. Airline shopping is a must when you want a cheap deal. Some airlines for example Spirit airline have cheaper rates when you book in person. The prices go lower if you get the left over seats that were not booked. I have a friend who only pays taxes when she is flying to her vacations (trust me she takes so many am jealous). world map
  5. Book a bed and breakfast kind of hotel. Not only will they save you one meal per day, but if you are smart and get more than one serving, carry the excess to the park or wherever you are planning to go that day, you will not have to buy lunch, therefore saving some extra coins. Make sure you carry lots of bottled water and a back pack.
  6. Choose a hotel that is closer to your to-visit sites. This will ensure you do not have to drive long thus saving on both gas and time. If possible use the local means of transport therefore saving both the car rental and gas money {HERE}

Vacations generally do not have to be expensive, do not be afraid to disappear for a while and enjoy. Please tell me some of the tips you use to save money on your vacations in the comment section. I always love to hear from you.

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