If you are reading this blog, odds are you are like me right now. I have told you that I will be visiting Kenya soon, now am counting down the days and I just realized I have not even started packing. I created this list for myself, and included others that I am not sure I will actually need just to be thorough. I bet its better to be safe than sorry.

  1. DOCUMENTS: Make sure you include the following; passport, physical e-visa (if you are going to Kenya like me), itinerary, travel insurance documents, plane tickets and a guide book. You can also add an English to Swahili dictionary for communication purposes.
  2. MEDICATION: Do not forget your prescription medication and glasses (contact lenses too), motion relief band or tablets, eye drops, allergy relief medicine, insect and bug repellants, preventive medicine for example anti-malarial drugs, and last but not least general painkillers for that headache planning to ruin your safari mood.
  3. TECHNOLOGY: Why on earth would you forget your phone,camera, binoculars, tablet, and/or laptop? How are you going to document your safari, and share it with the world? Additional items include a smart watch, surge protector, universal charging plug(s), flashlight and music player.lion-cub-lion-africa-animal-39281.jpeg
  4. CLOTHES AND TOILETRIES: Pack clothes that have quick drying fabrics especially if you will be recycling them, casual, and comfortable. Try wearing neutral colors since insects tend to be attracted to bright colors, and also animals tend to shy away. Do not be party spoiler for the other people in the group. Check what the hotel offers to avoid carrying items you will not need. Your checklist should include:
  • Bandana/sarong/kanga/kikoi
  • swimsuit (if your hotel has a pool or if you plan to go to the beach)
  • compact raincoat (tropical weather)
  • comfortable walking shoes/boots
  • open toe comfortable shoes
  • socks and undergarments
  • warm jacket/sweater
  • t-shirts, shorts and jeans
  • toothbrush
  • sunglasses
  • hats
  • pajamas

5. MISCELLANEOUS: Other items you should probably carry include: a good book, travel diary, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wipes, makeup, comb(s), hair ties/bands, skin care products, perfume/deodorant and essential oils.

I hope I have made your work easier, just remember there are bag weight restrictions before you try packing you whole closet, been there done that. Remember layering clothes is the best way to be ready for the ever changing tropical weather. For more packing tips click here.

Comment below, click the follow button and do not forget to share this tips with you friends and family. I love you.pexels-photo-258132.jpeg

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