20180607_105432_HDRVisiting Kenya, my home country made such a huge impact in my life. It changed my way of thinking and interpreting life.I discovered that I was pushing myself too much, that i was just doing just what I had promised myself not to do; following the crowd. I had started living beyond my means, trying to fit in, but instead I fell into self-loath. I hated my life, hated everything I was doing, I was not motivated to do anything. I was quick to anger and preferred to stay alone, not to talk to anyone, I let no one inside my bubble.I believe I was slowly falling into depression.


My visit was not what I had envisioned, going around the country documenting every minute of it for you my readers, instead I ended up staying at home with mum and my darling sister. I talked almost everyday with my best friend. It was a vacation like no other. Short days with people who took every second to remind you that you are important to them, that they value you and most of all love you. Every morning was a blessing and every night ended with a lot of laughter. My creativity juices started flowing. I found myself dreaming again, happy, and closer to God.


On my way back, I wrote down everything I wanted for this new me. One of them was to re-vamp this blog. to make it a place that people come not only to learn about Kenya but to find themselves. To renew their spirits and motivation. Some topics I will be covering will cover healthy eating, travel, DIYs, living on a budget, and other life altering topics. Eventually I might end up changing the name of this blog so please send me names you would want me to use.

To Nita, the reason I have never found another friend like you is because no one else who has come close to knowing me as you do, has appreciated this mess as you do. To my  loving family, thanks for being a rock when I needed one. To all of you my readers, I do not take it for granted that you took your time to read this blog. I always thank God for you everyday. Still can not believe that someone appreciates my work like you do. Lots of love my darlings.


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love you.



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