So you are like me and love to save some money? Thrift shopping is my go to money saver, from clothes and shoes to interior decorations, am all in. It’s true what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s  treasure, so go find it my darlings. With years of thrift shopping, I have come up with some tips you can use on your thrift shopping journey. Here we go:

  • Buy  more than one if the price is right. let’s say you find a vintage handbag for way less than buying a new one, why not buy two or three? If you can save an extra buck but look like a million bucks why not. You do not have to spend a fortune to look or feel good.
  • Always think of the bigger picture. You find an oversize t-shirt or dress that looks extremely good and you love it, why not DIY it to a kimono, or boring trousers to amazing shorts? In this thrift shopping adventure, your imagination is the only thing that can limit you, so up your game.


  • Cheap, good looking stuff will make you a shopaholic and if you are like me, you might end up overspending. Never forget to guard your bank account from yourself. Learn when there are upcoming sales and save some more, and only buy the items you really need.
  • Have a second pair of eyes to avoid buying something that you will not cherish for the rest of its short life, it will also help you save some needed money. A wish list while shopping will also come in very handy.


All the outfits I have worn in this pictures, are thrift-ed, so my darlings looking good can be as cheap as you want it too. Happy shopping my darlings.

love you.


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